Podium – PD00A | Podium is a raised area on which a person stands to speak to a large number of people, to conduct music, or to receive a prize in a sports competition.



Size:-height:1950mm, width:900mm depth:450mm, Providing and placement of almirah. The top shall be a Metal top. The Rigid Knock Down Construction, Back, Sides, and Door shall be made from 1.0 mm high yield strength CRCA, rest in 1.0 mm CRCA. CRCA ‘D’ Grade as per IS-513. Sliding door arrangement shall have a sliding door with a top hanging

arrangement to prevent derailment. Each door shall be provided with 2 plastic rollers having steel ball bearing for smooth movement of the door & less noise Almirahshall has a glass door for visibility of the content. Locking shall be 5 lever cam lock for safe locking. Handle shall be plastic flush & recessed handle. Shelving shall have Hei ght-wise adjustable shelf mounting. The uniformly Distributed Load Capacity of the shelf is 40 Kg maximum. Almirah shall have 4 no. of adjustable full shelves. Accessories optional shall be a cradle with pipes for hanging files. Leveller shall be screw type leveller with a hex plastic base and the overall finish shall be epoxy polyester coated to the thickness of 50 microns A4 size box file can be stored vertically on four shelves and clear space above the fifth shelf is 22 0 mm.

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